When you give to MPI using the Network For Good link above, your dollars go to sustainable programs and work such as:

  • Education, essential food and medical care for 240 preschool children at Geegh Nursery School.

        You can support a child  for $35 per month

  • Child Sponsorships for the Hope English Medium School.  We want to provide children graduating from Geegh Nursery School the opportunity to receive holistic education.  Otherwise, children will return home to work in the fields or domestic labor. 

        You can sponsor a child  for $27 per month

  • Banyan Tree Tailoring Program equips women with the skills needed to provide sustainability for their families through home-based micro-enterprises

        You can purchase a sewing machine for $175

    (includes stool, scissors & thread)

  • Give-A-Cow Program that provides job creation, income and dignity for poor families

         You can purchase a cow for $500

  • Katpadi Industrial Institute (KII) Carpentry Training program is in need of four classrooms. Carpentry skills training gives poor rural students an opportunity to learn a skill that helps them become employed upon graduation. Without such training, they would not be able to provide for themselves or their family. Our goal is to help raise $27,380. Projected project completion date is March 2012. KII is located in Vellore, South India and founded over one hundred years ago as a vital technical training school for the poor.    

         Donations in any amount are appreciated