• Geegh Nursery School was founded in 1957 by Mary Geegh who served with the Reformed Church in America from 1924-1962 in the former Arcot Mission region. Today the school provides edcuation, food and medical care to 240 poor children ages 1 1/2 to 6 yrs.would otherwise go hungry each day.
Micro-enterprise and empowerment programs
  • Banyan Tree Tailoring - Skills training in tailoring with a 1-yr. syllabus. Certificate upon  graduation and sewing machine for home-based business


  • Give-a-Cow are outreach programs based at the school. These self-help programs provide rural and urban women the necessary skills needed to ensure a sustainable income for their families.

  • Katpadi Industrial Institute (KII)
Rebuilding and Transforming Mission School for Relevancy in Today's Context

  • Hope English Medium School - Hope High School began as an English Medium School in 1800's. During early 1900's it changed into a Telegu school. The original vision for Hope is being recaptured. In June 2011, Hope School will open as an English Medium School.

Leadership Training - Equip leaders for administrative oversight